New Zephyr BOM, Recall of early Steamfast Iron

May 25, 2023

Hi Charlotte,

Here's something IMPORTANT that didn't really get my attention until about the 3rd notice.

I love my little workhorse! But, turns out, it has to GO!

See that cute little Elephant Logo? And the short little grey bushing that covers the cord going into the iron? Those indicate that this may be one of the FAULTY, possibly short prone & shock-producing irons.

You may have . . . click here to read MORE
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The MOST fun job ever + 100s of new stuff today!

May 18,2023

Hi All,

Do you LOVE fabric?!
We've got a rare opportunity for someone. We have an opening on OUR TEAM!

Would you like to be considered? Click here for more details.

Please feel free to forward this newsletter!


Keeping busy around here. So funny how just when the "season" gets nice, we start being inundated with the opposite season!

Welcome Spring weather, finally . . . CLICK to READ MORE. 

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25% OFF Seed Packets & More! 2nd Saturday too!

May 11, 2023
Hi All,

We finally had RAIN here in Newton!

Flowers are blooming, trees are green . . .


25% off ODE TO JUNE

Check out the FLOWERS and SEED PACKETS print too!

Also, bursting with FLOWERS, check out  . . . click to read more
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4 Reminders, Giggles & Today May the 4th . . .

If you consider yourself a Trekkie or a Trekker, "May the 4th be with you!"
I love saying that! ;)

The sun is finally out, the wind has stopped and we're enjoying Spring!

Mindy was too, then . . . Click to READ MORE

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