Ghastlie Crafters are here, Queen of Collage coming soon!

Laura Heine is coming to Newton! 2 classes this September!

Feb 22, 2024

Hi all,

We are very excited to be able to offer you, THE REAL DEAL! Laura Heine HERSELF!

Laura is coming to Newton this September and will be offering 2 ONE-DAY classes.

CLICK FOR DETAILS NOW! Size of each class is limited.

Even if you don't live near-by, this might be your best option for studying with the master! You can check out her website for other options, but you can't get more central in the US than Kansas!  Click here to READ MORE.

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Show Me The LOVE! The Chiefs' Championship! Check Out Today.

The Kansas City CHIEFS are SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS! That can't be taken away!

February 16, 2024

Hi All,

As the heart-breaking tragedy unfolded post-rally in downtown KC on Wednesday, I felt like an overfilled balloon that had suddenly sprung a leak.

So many emotions, sadness, fear, anger, anxiety (and guilt for even wishing to be "indifferent" to it all).

We live in difficult times, but not the first or the worst, as history shows us. It is said that Love is more powerful than hate. But Violence is traumatic. Maybe you or someone you know is suffering. Click here for a list of resources for coping with the impact of gun violence.

And I can testify, sewing is a great stress reducer.

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Roaring Cool Cats & Cool Coaches - Catch the Excitement at Charlotte's


Funky Friends Stuffies patterns plus Gnome Kit comes with own Football!

February 8, 2024

Hi all,

I am so excited about all the NEW FABRIC that keeps rolling in our doors (and out again too!).

Let me show you some of my current favs!

What A Catch first appeared . . . CLICK to READ MORE

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KC Chiefs INSPIRED fabric!

February 1, 2024
Hi all,
Happy February! We are so "over" January! LOL

Yes, January had some high points, but mainly low temperatures, and with that, we're done . . . for now?
Meanwhile, KC CHIEFS, CHAMPIONS! Super-Bowl-Bound! Here we come!


Yes, we're into football mania time, and having a blast with it.

Thank you PBS FABRICS for having some fun with it too.
AKA, Paint Brush Studio Fabrics, they have the ability to pivot quickly with their North Kansas City digital printing, and have some very fun fabrics.

What a COOL COACH! Click here for details.

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Dreams Captured in QUILT COTTONS

January 25, 2024
Hi all,

Hello from another grey day in Newton. Could have stayed in bed!

So today's theme is DREAMS.

Let's start with lots of color and a classic, PRINCESS DREAMS.

1 yard panel with just about every element imaginable in one setting. Rainbow, beautiful garden, beckoning castle, beautiful princess and of course, a Unicorn are in this dream! CLICK HERE.

Another classic dream,  . . . CLICK TO READ MORE

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New! Forest Forage, Natural Elements & Cats in Pajamas to Beat the Cold!

January 18, 2024

Hi all,

Last week we were "snowed in", then "frozen in", and yes, we hope you all got some stitching time "in"! LOL

American Gatherings II from Primitive Gatherings.

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January Weather We Like or Not! Look in on Snow Day with Charlotte's staff!

January 11, 2024

Hi all,

Interesting week here in Kansas, no?! Ice fog, rain, snow, blue sky and sunshine galore, grey skies and even a touch of wind!

Kansas is one of those places they say, "Don't like the weather? Wait an hour!"

All types of SKY FABRIC available in the store too! LOL Click here.


Tuesday was a pretty legit SNOW DAY for us!


It didn't make sense for everyone . . . CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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Love isn't BLACK & WHITE, but your quilt can be!

January 4, 2024

Hi all,

Happy New Year!

We've had a busy first few days of the year, and know that many of you are eagerly getting back to your routines, and starting new projects!

We love helping and being included in the process!

Quilters are so generous with their time (& money!). So many quilts gifted at Christmas time.

Valentine's, birthdays, anniversaries, new babes, and weddings are all on the horizon and call out to quilters, "make a quilt!"

Recently someone mentioned that they'd offered to make a family member a quilt to mark a special event and it had been declined! Aside from the GASPS . . . click to READ MORE

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Peek at what's new! Fun classes, deals, final 2023 specials.

December 28, 2023

Hi all,

The final newsletter of the year! Thank you to all for supporting the store in person and online. 


Are you a SHOPPERS' CLUB member? Be sure to watch for a special email offer just for you this Saturday! Last minute special offer, hint, hint. While the Historic Downtown Newton store will be closed Sunday & Monday, you can still be shopping on-line.

Not a member of Charlotte's Shoppers' Club?

Consider starting the year off right with . . . CLICK to read more

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Cats in Hats going, going . . . Love & Friendship celebrated today!

December 14, 2023

Hi all,

OK, I'm a real cat lover. I know many of you are too.

CLICK HERE, for the LAST CHANCE to grab this HAT ON A CAT series or phone the store, 316-284-2547 to get signed up today.

No applique! Just patchwork.

HAT ON A CAT is such a cute series! A limited edition and there are ONLY 2 spots remaining.

HAT ON A CAT starts with a printed panel, has a bit of pieced patchwork each month, and can be displayed individually, or finished as a larger quilt.

CLICK HERE for details.

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ONES-IES Quilt KIT SALE! New 2024 SAMPLER Quilt Class 2nd Saturday

December 7, 2023

Hi All,

We are already "in to" the Christmas Season around here!

We're drumming, we're dancing, we're leaping and we're sewing!!

And we're gifting you a FREE PATTERN. Read all the way to the bottom!

Suddenly everyone feels like . . . CLICK TO READ MORE

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Get yours today . . . New Christmas, Love & Classes!

November 30, 2023
Hi all,

It really is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Check out my new CHRISTMAS QUILT! I love this modern/traditional combo!

KIT AVAILABLE NOW. Starts with CELEBRATION, pattern from Quilt Moments. Broken down into just 8 easy quilt blocks!

Fabrics are . . . CLICK to READ MORE.

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What A Catch! 40% off Last Chancers & Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday Nov 22, 2023

Hi all!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Let the Season begin in earnest!

We're open today until 5 pm, and closed for Thanksgiving, tomorrow.
Open on FRIDAY 10 - 5 & SATURDAY 10 - 4.

Come see us for DEALS!

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Don't Miss! New Sue Penn, 2nd Sat 2024 & Peek at Portugal

November 16, 2023

Hi all,

While we still have beautiful Fall days, they are shorter, and we must not forget how closely the Holidays loom!

Never fear! We still have some excellent suggestions for QUICK & SIMPLE projects that will surely brighten your sewing days as well as your Holi-days!


Here Kirsten used 2 YARDS of fun CHRISTMAS JAMBOREE border stripe, with cart-wheeling Santa & more. . . .  Read more here.

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You have 45 days . . .

Nov 9, 2023

Hi all,

No reason to stress. Just a gentle reminder to use your time wisely now.

Namaste . . .

You're on the home stretch! ;)

Let's look at some great "last minute" project ideas.

Always exciting to see . . . CLICK to READ MORE

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Here TODAY . . . BESTIES from Tula are a Hit!

Nov 2, 2023

Hi all,

TULA'S newest, BESTIES is in the building!


CLICK HERE to see all.

The BESTIES are great for FUSSY CUTTING, or not!

Look what you can do with a FAT QUARTER BUNDLE! CLICK HERE. . . . click here to READ MORE

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Penny the Penguin starts with a Scrap!

Oct 26, 2023
Hi all,

Take another look at Funky Friends patterns, in time for Christmas and winter fun! Click here.

Yesterday I made PENNY THE PENGUIN. And she's so cute!

I started the PENGUIN project with a binding scrap. LOL . . . Click to Read More

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SEASONAL QUILT KITS - petite to grande! Get 'em while they last!

October 19, 2023

Hi All,

What beautiful weather we're having this week. But we know it is going to get cold soon and it is time to finish those quilts!

Come get in Rita's "line" to get those TOPS turned into QUILTS! She'll work her LONG-ARM MAGIC! Don't wait too long. Christmas is coming. ;)

Have you been giving away lots of quilts?

How about a new quilt for your bed? Such a classic! Lockwood Manor finishes 98 inches square, a generous queen-size quilt!

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Today Fluttering Leaves and a Fast Finish!

Oct 12, 2023
Hi all,

The leaves are about to turn here in Newton. I'm anxious to see how serious the colors get. How bright after such a long dry spell? How's it doing where you are?


We've got ALL 40 BOLTS in stock now!

Kansas Troubles - FLUTTERING LEAVES, . . . click to read the rest.

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Quilt Shop Hop Starts Today! 25th Year! Prizes!

October 5, 2023
Hi All,

Get a group together! Time to QUILT SHOP HOP in CENTRAL KANSAS!

Tropical Jungle Jams - your new BFFs? LOL

Or come along SOLO, and get ready to ROAR with new FRIENDS!  Click here to read the rest.

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CKQSH on the way - buckle up!

Sept 28, 2023
Hi All,

Are you ready to QUILT SHOP HOP!?

Road Trippin' Animals are a Hoot!

This one cracks me up! ROAD TRIPPIN' from 3 WISHES.

Need to know more about our Shop Hop, coming up next Thursday Oct 5 through 14?

Click here.

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New arrivals! Sunflowers, Buffalo, Autumn Oasis

September 21, 2023
Hi all,

Not much to complain about the weather now. It is lovely!

Welcome Autumn!
We've got the perfect fabrics to suit any AUTUMN MOOD!

Click here for a FREE pattern for a SIMPLE, darling PUMPKIN PINCUSHION.

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Step Up Your Jelly Roll Game! This Saturday Only At Project Jelly Roll!

September 14, 2023
Hi All,

Such nice weather and so much to do!

We hope to see you here in Historic Downtown Newton this Saturday for

Ready for PROJECT JELLY ROLL on Saturday

SPECIALS this Saturday only, . . . CLICK TO READ MORE

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New Quilts, 2 Events, 1 New Class, Fabric - Hello September!

September 7, 2023

Hi All,

Well, HELLO September! Finally, a break in the heat!

Check out this simple "Thankful, Grateful" quilt Kirsten is showing off.

Starts with a THEME FABRIC from 3 Wishes and a neat Villa Rosa pattern.


What a beautiful day we had yesterday here in Newton. Photographing a new quilt was the perfect excuse to get outside too!

Just in case you don't know, we have an EASY ENTRY, NO STEPS back door off the ALLEY!

No stairs necessary, except to . . . CLICK to READ MORE 

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Sale! Fat Quarters, Hurry! Plus Hat On A Cat, New Arrivals

August 31, 2023

Hi All,

FQ SALE - YOU PICK! 4 for $5

Select from 100s of “orphan” fat quarters that need good homes!

Kirsten has been scouring the shelves and found lots of forgotten gems.

You'll find them on display . . . Click to read more

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